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I am trying to integrate ExtJS 2.0 with Java rich faces. I am trying to obtain a basic layout using Ext.Panel. So I have written a code like:



var myBorderPanel = new Ext.Panel(
renderTo: document.body,
width: 700,
height: 500,
title: 'Border Layout',
layout: 'border',
    autoLoad:{url: 'panel.html', scripts:true},
    renderTo: document.body.footer, // a div by name footer
    title: 'South Region is resizable',
    region: 'south',     // position for region
    height: 100,
    split: true,         // enable resizing
    minSize: 75,         // defaults to 50
    maxSize: 150,
    margins: '0 5 5 5'


The above code works fine. But in the above code if i use panel.xhtml instead of panel.html, it does not work.

If this is a repost I am sorry.

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I got it working but without using autoLoad. I used contentEl and that works as a perfect alternative.

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