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We are on our way now to developing a project similar to Capo 2 but we are in a dilemma on what is the best technology to use if this is to be developed in Windows platform? Would C++ be a good choice? Or, can you suggest other options pls? Thanks.

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Pick a platform you're familiar with. As a Java developer, I'd pick Java. As a C++ developer I'd pick probably C++ (with possibly Qt). And of course .Net is very popular at the moment.

If you're starting from nothing, pick .Net and use Visual Studio (Express). That seems to be a good choice nowadays (for Windows only developers).

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Thanks for the response but would this be able to deliver the functionalities involved in a software like Capo, Amazing Slow Downer,etc? To be specific, functionalities like pitch recognition, loops, etc? –  Pippa Aug 9 '10 at 6:36
@crissy yes it would. Whether someone else has already written it and made available, that I don't know. Write down what transformations you need and have alook for libraries in various languages. Or write them yourself. The math is known, and all languages have good vector math packages. –  extraneon Aug 11 '10 at 15:36

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