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I'm trying to get a value from a string that belongs to an enum typedef in Obj C but I don't seem capable of geting the value out of the NSString. I'me doing something like this:

typedef enum{
} Size;

-(void)function:(NSString *)var{
Size value=[var value];
  case S:...
  case M:...

EDIT: The contents of the string would br something like @"S" @"M" @"L"

I don't see how can I accomplish this.

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Assuming that you know that the strings are of length one, you can switch on the unichar at position 0.

switch ([string characterAtIndex:0]) {
case 'S': ...
case 'L': ...
case 'M': ...
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It's not clear what the string contains. Is it @"S", @"M" or @"L"? If so, you need to provide your own conversion to the values of the Size enumeration. Or you could just use string comparison in your method:

if ([var isEqualToString: @"S"]) {
  // ...
} else if ([var isEqualToString: @"M"]) {
} ...

However, if the string contains the numeric value of one of the Size entries (like @"0", @"1" or @"2") you can use the -intValue method to do the comparison you wrote in the question.

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I'm sorry I wasn't clear about the string contents, yes they would be @"S" @"M" @"L" and using if else would defeat the purpose of using a switch. –  Reonarudo Aug 9 '10 at 9:34

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