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I have installed oracle 10g express edition and i did not find the option to create there a option to create schema in oracle 10g express edition or esle i have to install other oracle 10g..To create schema which oracle 10g i have to install...

Thanks in advance

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You don't need to explicitly create schema, Oracle automatically creates a schema when you create a user (see CREATE USER documentation).

If you really want, you can use CREATE SCHEMA statement and issue it through Oracle Express web interface or from SQL prompt.

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The CREATE SCHEMA statement can include CREATE TABLE, CREATE VIEW, and GRANT statements. To issue a CREATE SCHEMA statement, you must have the privileges necessary to issue the included statements.

   CREATE TABLE new_product 
      (color VARCHAR2(10)  PRIMARY KEY, quantity NUMBER) 
   CREATE VIEW new_product_view 
      AS SELECT color, quantity FROM new_product WHERE color = 'RED' 
   GRANT select ON new_product_view TO hr; 
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As zendar said, creating a user automatically creates their schema (in Oracle these are pretty much the same concept).

When you create a Workspace in apex, it will ask you if you want to use an existing schema or create a new one - so that's another easy option you could use.

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