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I found some tutorials about playing a fullscreen video on the iPhone, but I wonder if it is possible to play an embedded movie in the background of a openGl animated app?

The movie should just loop seamlessly and should not have any control buttons like play/pause/volume popping up while being played. If possible, then how about performance?

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  1. Decode next video frame
  2. Upload frame bitmap to texture
  3. Disable depth buffer reads/writes
  4. Draw screen-sized textured quad using frame texture
  5. Re-enable depth buffer reads/writes
  6. Render your regular scene
  7. Go to #1
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Thanks, but did you try this in practice? Sounds awfully slow, especially on older iPhones as per my experience writing anything to a texture brings the framerate to a near halt on those older devices, even when updating very small texture areas. Do you have any code for uploading the bitmap quickly? –  sinsro Aug 10 '10 at 8:11

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