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I am writing a java code to connect with MS SQL Server 2005. MS SQL Server is on Remote server windows server 2003. I am trying the following code but i am unable to establish a connection:

import java.*;

public class Connect {
     private java.sql.Connection con = null;
     private final String url = "jdbc:sqlserver://";
     private final String serverName=""; 
     private final String portNumber = "1433";
     private final String databaseName="myDb"; 
     private final String userName ="user1";
     private final String password = "xxxx";     
     private final String selectMethod = "cursor";

     // Constructor
     public Connect() {}

     private String getConnectionUrl() {
          return url+serverName+":"+portNumber+";databaseName="+databaseName+";selectMethod="+selectMethod+";";

     private java.sql.Connection getConnection() {
          try {
              con = java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(getConnectionUrl(),userName,password);
               if(con!=null) System.out.println("Connection Successful!");
          } catch(Exception e) {
               System.out.println("Error Trace in getConnection() : " + e.getMessage());
          return con;

          Display the driver properties, database details

     public void displayDbProperties() {
                    System.out.println("Perform Operations ");


     private void closeConnection() {
          }catch(Exception e){
     public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
          Connect myDbTest = new Connect();
         // myDbTest.displayDbProperties();

But I am getting following exceptions: The TCP/IP connection to the host  has failed. Connection refused: connect
        at Source)
Error Trace in getConnection() : The TCP/IP connection to the host  has failed. Connection refused: connect
Error: No active Connection

I am not getting where is the problem in the above code or do i need to do some setting to connect to remote server.

Please give me your valuable suggestion which can help me to overcome with this problem.

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IMHO "Connection refused" means your database server is not visible from your application server.

  • Check IP address and port.
  • Check database connectivity directly from your database server (to avoid firewalls).
  • Check database connectivity from your application server.

Hope this will help you

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Make sure that your SQL Server is configured to use TCP/IP. Enable it from SQL Server's Network Utility app. Also check there that the SQL Server is using port 1433 (IP Addresses - IPAll - TCP Port).

Try to use "telnet <server_host> 1433". If it doesn't connect you will not be able to establish a connection.

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ALLOW THE CONNECTION FIRST IN WHICH PC YOUR SQL SERVER IS RUNNING... GO TO CONTROL PANEL-->ADMIN. TOOLS--->Windows Firewall with Advanced Security-->Inbounded rules-->new rule-->select port radio button -->next-->enter port 3306-->click next -->finally give the rule name like conn finish

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