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I am trying to profile native android code, but I am getting the following error.I am running the code on a linux machine.

$tracedmdump profile post-processing traces...

Static basic blocks: 64525, Dynamic basic blocks: 87073132

Static instructions: 412004, Dynamic instructions: 509641730

Elapsed seconds: 26.46, simulated instructions/sec: 19.3M

generating dexlist output...

generating dmtrace data...

Error: stack overflow (500 frames)

If anyone knows how to debug this issue...please help

Thanks and Regards,

Bharat Pawar

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  1. From your post and the Android GIT commitdiff it looks like this line in the "tracedmdump" shell function went wrong:

    q2dm -r $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT/symbols $TRACE $KERNEL $TRACE/dmtrace

  2. The q2dm command is part of the qemu emulator tools for Android.

  3. Looks like the problem has actually been fixed and changed source committed.

  4. a. If you can, synchronize your local GIT repository with the Android GIT repository and build yourself a more current version of the q2dm tool.
    b. Alternatively, check/wait for the next NDK (sub-)release for a more current q2dm version.

Hope this helps!

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