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I have a maven project which library should also be an OSGi bundle with an declarative service. I added the OSGI-INF folder with the service.xml inside src/java/resources which will be added to the jar. But: When I start the project as equinox project, where I want to check if the service is loaded, I get the error that the OSGI-INF/service.xml can't be found. I guess eclipse won't add the resources folder to the classpath when starting.

BTW: The MANIFEST-MF is in the root folder and the pom.xml contains the following text:


Has anbody a good idea how to tell eclipse where to find the metadata files? I'm using m2eclipse if this is relevant.

Thanks in advance Hannes

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I've the same issues but I've manually tweaked my POM.xml for copying the generate target/classes/META-INF/** stuff (MANIFEST.MF, property files, spring XMLs, ...) into the project ROOT folder (which Eclipse PDE expects):

            We copy all stuff from target/classes/META-INF into META-INF/ in order 
            to keep Maven output with PDE.

            We delete all stuff from the root bundle's META-INF 

(I also clean up things when mvn clean is called) It is not really efficient but it works.

Ps: you may have to right-click on the project and make it a plug-in project in order for this to work.

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