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While debugging my project in Eclipse, it will (repeatably, at the same point in the code) pause execution as if it's reached a breakpoint. No exceptions are thrown, the project has no breakpoints, and if I hit resume, it carries on without a problem.

What could be causing this behaviour?

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Better answer here:… – Sam Hasler Jun 2 '11 at 10:00
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The Eclipse debugger pauses if the code throws an exception - at least it does for me (maybe this can be toggled). Just un-pause the thread and you'll most likely see a stacktrace being printed to STDERR.

enter image description here

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Your code and the binaries that you are debugging are not in sync.
Try creating a break point and then getting rid of all breakpoints and see if it still happens.

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I had the same problem I apparently had some hidden breakpoints, setting a new one then clearing all break points solved the issue for me.

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Create a fresh workspace and import your project to this newly created workspace. The problem should be gone, especially if the problem was caused by corrupt workspace metadata.

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Try Remove all breakpoints from the Breakpoints view (hidden by default, Window > Show view > Other... > Debug > Breakpoints).

This solved it for me.

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it could also be waiting for user input, or a particular action to take place so it can continue.

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