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So basically, I have a Tab Control (WC_TABCONTROL) and I want to place all of the controls that go with a single tab page on a single window (control, if you will, or panel). I want to create something like the panel in wxWidgets, so that when I call ShowWindow(panel, SW_HIDE), I can hide the panel and all controls inside it. I hope you understand. Thanks, Grant.

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I think what you want is a borderless, captionless dialogbox. I've used that very thing with tab-controls. Show and hide them on the tab control click events.

Actually some tab-controls will use the caption of the dialogbox in their own caption. YMMV.

Here's an old-school example. It shows all the basics.


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I'm developing a OOP wrapper, so I don't want to use .rc files. –  Grant Aug 9 '10 at 16:41

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