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I have a problem with static keyword due to inheritance in PHP 5.3.

abstract class Object
    protected static $_classDataSource = null;

    public static function getDataSource()
        return static::$_classDataSource;

    public static function setDataSource( $dataSource)
        static::$_classDataSource = $dataSource;

class Film extends Object


class Actor extends Object

echo Film::getDataSource();
echo Actor::getDataSource();

Result is: aaaaaa Expected result: FFFaaa

What should I do to make it as expected?

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see also… – Artefacto Aug 9 '10 at 18:00

You need to redeclare the static variables in the child classes or break the reference set manually. See this answer.

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I know it's not technically answering your exact question, but I have to ask: Why? If you need configuration (such as setting a data source), in most cases it's better to use instances...

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