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I am trying to get my page to link to a certain URL that is stored in a HashMap (the key is some name, and the value is the URL I want to link to). I'm not very good at describing this, but here is my code:

For the JSP page:

  <s:iterator value="dependenciesList" id="dependency">
    <a href="<s:url value="productDocumentationMap.getKey(%{dependency})"/>">
    <s:property value="dependency"/> </a>

Note: productDocumentationMap is a HashMap of <String, String>, and dependenciesList is an ArrayList<String>.

For instance, if dependenciesList contains three elements [A, B, C], the first link would link to something like: http:///productDocumentationMap.getKey(A) but what I want is for the link to be the actual value of


I know I might be doing something stupid (I'm still new to all this Struts2 business), but is there a way I can get my link to work? Thanks!

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In OGNL, you can access a map using "mapName[indexName]", where indexName is the key you want.


 <a href="<s:url value='productDocumentationMap[#dependency]'/>">

I think this is the right syntax for resolving 'dependency' as a variable, instead of as the string 'dependency', but this should call 'getProductDocumentationMap()', and if it returns a Map object, attempt to lookup the value of the iterator. I assume you really want the value, rather than the key, since 'dependency' itself is the key.

This page gives some example OGNL expressions that you might find helpful as a reference. I find half the time I just end up fiddling with no parenthesis, %{} and/or # until it works. :-)


For your follow-up question:

I use this for testing nulls against simple properties and including a section. I imagine it could probably be applied to returned values from maps.

<s:if test="%{licenseStatusString != null}">
 ... something that uses licenseStatusString
 ... optional thing to include if the license status string is null.


<s:if test="%{productDocumentationMap[#dependency] != null}">

Try that and see if it works. Probably some permutation of that.

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Thanks a lot sdeer, this worked for me! On another note, would you happen to know how to create a link only if productDocumentationMap.get(dependency) returns a non-null value? Some of the products don't have any links, so I don't want to create a hyperlink to non-existent pages. Thanks a lot! –  Raymond Chang Aug 9 '10 at 18:41
moved the comment into my original answer to preserve formatting –  Shawn D. Aug 9 '10 at 18:51
I ended up using something like: <s:if test="productDocumentationMap[#dependency] != ''"> (Apparently even if there is no value inside the Map, it won't return null, but it does return an empty String) Thanks a lot, you're a lifesaver! –  Raymond Chang Aug 9 '10 at 18:57
You're welcome. My knowledge is just stolen from others, really. I bought this book when Struts 2 was pushed on me, and it's made all the difference. :-) amazon.com/Struts-2-Action-Don-Brown/dp/193398807X/… –  Shawn D. Aug 9 '10 at 19:07

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