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Im new to python programming.Im writing a simple command line based twitter app,and i have to use external libraries like simplejson,tweepy etc. Is there a way i can package my python program to include these libraries as well,so that when i distribute this program, the user doesnt have to install the required libraries first himself ?

Thank You

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Python will search for modules in the current directory, so you can just package the libraries along in a subdirectory. For example, if myprogram.py use the foo package:

import foo

this means that there's either

  • a foo.py on your Python path; put it into the same directory as myprogram.py, or
  • a directory foo on your Python path which contains a module __init__.py; put the entire directory (.py files only, no need for .pyc files) into the same directory as myprogram.py.

Of course, have a look at the licenses first to check whether they allow redistribution with your program in this manner.

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Thanks Thomas ! :) – Jim Aug 9 '10 at 18:33

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