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I've currently written an algorithm in Ruby based on the arc90 readability code to extract an article from a web page.

Now that I have the article, I want to extract keywords and specific information from it (names, author, etc)

I heard Alchemy was a great ruby gem for doing this though it consumes a lot of resources. Are there any better gems I can use for this?

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i think the 'alchemy' keyword refers to Adobe's Alchemy project, not the Ruby Gem. See the faq: stackoverflow.com/tags/alchemy/info –  paleozogt Sep 1 '10 at 17:16

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There is an OpenCalais gem which provides similar capability. In addition to entity extraction it can also detect events and relations between entities. It's not lightweight, though I couldn't tell if it's better or worse than Alchemy as I haven't used the Alchemy gem. Hope this helps.

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I've gone and written my own gem for OpenCalais: github.com/RedFred7/dover_to_calais –  RedFred Dec 30 '13 at 13:11

fast, leightweight and easy-to-use gem for extracting keywords from longer content:


i use it in production, works like a charm.

The question is a bit older, but i'll leave this here for others who will come from google to see this question.

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