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I have a project let's call it Yellow.dproj, which I saved as Blue.dproj, to make some changes. There must be some COM/DCOM related code in this project, but I can't figure out where.

The error I am getting when I try to build Yellow.dproj is that it can not find a type library (TLB) file: "E1026 File not found: ". The file it can't find is MyAppName.tlb. There is a MyAppName_tlb.pas file, which I have tried adding and removing from the project, either way I get this error.

I think I probably have to go into that TLB file, which I don't really understand, and rename a bunch of junk in there, because it is dependant on the name of my application. This is something that happens to you, I suspect, when you use COM/DCOM and type libraries in Delphi (Delphi 2010). You can't just rename or save-as and build a new project again.

What do I do to fix this unit up?

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Do you have {$ *.TLB} in your project source?

The * is the project name, so the TLB file has to match the name of the project - perhaps the name of the tbl was not changed along with the project.

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Turns out it did, and removing that fixed it. –  Warren P Aug 10 '10 at 17:24

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