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using the Google Analytics Data Export API with

I put inpagePath and nextPagePath for dimensions, and pageViews for metrics, and filter for ga:pagePath=~faq.html

But it returned a table with pagePath equal to nextPagePath which is the faq.html path. Is there a way to find the result?

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This belongs on To bad we can't move questions to beta-sites. – alexn Aug 9 '10 at 22:46
this can be a webapp but is also part of the data feed API... i think the data provided to Google is translated to a SQL statement as well, so it is quite programming related. – 太極者無極而生 Aug 9 '10 at 22:55
I agree with Jian - A lot of people are asking programming questions with regards to the Google Analytics API. – M Schenkel Aug 10 '10 at 0:36

I just found it:

Which pages are users going to after test.html? 

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