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I'm working on an Adobe Flex application that loads lots of Flex Modules and other Flash sub-applications and Flash resources. Each time one successfully loads the flashlog.txt and Flex Console show a trace like "[SWF] filename.swf - [filesize] bytes after decompression".

[SWF] Main.swf - 1,361,299 bytes after decompression
[SWF] core/Core.swf - 516,390 bytes after decompression

I don't want to disable traces because I am debugging, but these traces are rather noisy. How can I suppress only the [SWF] loaded traces?

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I suggest you use De MonsterDebugger an open source debugger for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR.

It is perfect for what you are looking for, you can filter outputs, color code etc... Give it a go!

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I don't think there is going to be a way to do this. From what I know, your options are:

  1. Remove the traces from actionscript manually
  2. set "Omit Traces" in the publish settings
  3. Test in Firefox and use Flash Tracer. Flash Tracer has a built in filtering options that you might be able to use to better focus on the relevant traces.
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Not sure what OS you are on, but for Windows I view the Flash log with TailXP and it let's me filter out lines based on a string match.

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I've been pretty happy with both deMonster's debugger, albeit it's a bit hefty to set up. A little lighter is the XRay admin tool, (http://osflash.org/xray), which still requires some setup. (including classes, special trace statements, etc.)

To be honest, what I usually use is the flash Debug player and Vizzy, which allows you to apply a live filter to the debug messages. Although it doesn't allow you exclude words, prepending a word to your traces could make everything that you don't explicitly trace disappear. For instance, you could filter by [custom], then just find and replace "trace(" with "trace('[custom]',".

Hope that helps, or inspires you.

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When Using the Flash Develop plugin called FDtrace, I don't see these.

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Ran into the same annoying issue and added a feature request on adobe bug base; please vote for it: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3761359

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