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I have a function defined a local variable typed in CStringW, is it safe to return this object to the caller by value, not by reference?

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The converse is actually what's not safe; don't return a reference to a local variable because when it gets out of scope your reference is dead. –  GManNickG Aug 10 '10 at 2:57
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Yes, it should be ok. CString internally uses a buffer with reference counting and does copy-on-write, so that when you create a copy of CString and then destroy the original object, everything should "just work".

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I believe CString is from MFC, not STL, so you might want to change your tags.

If you're returning a local variable from a function, it's safe to return by value, but not safe to return by reference. Returning by value effectively copies the string to the caller. Returning by reference gives the caller a reference to the local variable which is destroyed when the function returns - so the caller can never use it, and the returned reference is always invalid.

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