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I have a Silverlight User Control. This contains a DataForm. This DataForm nests another Silverlight User Control, which also contains a DataForm.

I have bound the nested dataform successfully to an object in the parent control.

I can NOT however, get the nested control to enter Edit mode along with the parent. I have tried calling it directly by using the FindNameInContent method to return the nested dataform and then called BeginEdit() but this fails (returns false).


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Have you solved the problem? Trtying to do the same thing, with nested DataForms but cannot get the templates right. Can you post your samples? – user677676 Mar 26 '11 at 2:46

I had a simpler scenario but a similar problem. In my scenario I had a DataGrid directly nested inside a DataForm, and was unable to synchronize the edit modes of the two controls until I realised that I needed to implement an EditTemplate for the DataForm, as well as the ReadOnlyTemplate, and implement the DataGrid in both. I set IsReadOnly=true for the DataGrid in the ReadOnlyTemplate and IsReadOnly=false for the DataGrid in the EditTemplate, and it all works smoothly, with no code.


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