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I am building a portal which will have different cities content..

When someone comes to the website i want them to choose the city and then proceed



can this be done using a single database and installation of cakephp ?

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Yes it's possible.

Basically in your DNS you have to allow * to be hosted on a single machine. This way, no matter what subdomain you type the machine will be the same.

an example dns record:

*   A

Then in the virtual host declaration you have to put

<VirtualHost *>
        DocumentRoot /var/www/path_to_site
        ServerAlias *

this way no matter what you type i.e. or will be redirected to a single app.

Then you have just to parse the host from the php (preferably in AppController) and to transform the subdomain to filter.

It's a little bit abstract, but that's how I would do it.

Edit (response to the comment): It's a matter of how it is build the system. Basically if yo have:

in your AppController you can have something like:

class AppController extends Controller {
  function beforeFilter(){
     $host = explode('.', $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"]);
     $subdomain = $host[0];
     Configure::write('city', $subdomain);
     $this->City->getId($subdomain); //function in City model fetching City ID by city name

So basically, after this it depends what is your application architecture and how you deal with this city.

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thanks a lot... can you explain a little more on how i do it using cakephp ? :D – Harsha M V Aug 10 '10 at 9:56
thank a lot mate :D – Harsha M V Aug 11 '10 at 5:05

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