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Is there is any torrent parser available in java to extract the meta data from the .torrent files ...

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An article on wiki.theory covering the bitorrent spec led to BDecoder, a decoder for the fileformat used by torrent to encode metadata. Have fun! (The page contains a link to a corresponding encoder too)

The easiest approach should be using the Bittorrent API. The provided lib contains a client, which should be capable of decoding metadata and include the java classes for that purpose.

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You can use this spec to write up a parser yourself. It shouldn't be too difficult.

Otherwise you could check out the source for any Java-based client. Azureus/Vuze has their source available (don't see any information regarding license at first look).

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Have a look at jtorrentparser

It parses an Array of shorts with the static parse() method:

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