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Actually I am interested in Java AA framework that supports many types of A&A. I found that exist JAAS, but did not find any information about OpenId support. Maybe there exists a module to use it? Spring Security supports OpenId but I just want to see any alternative. Also I read that Spring Security is a little bit complicated.

I think it is mostly common functionality and there must exist a way to simplify the developer's life and not force him to reinvent the wheel.

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"A little bit complicated".... understatement of the evening :) –  skaffman Aug 11 '10 at 21:46

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I found one. It's a JSR-196 implementation. Here's the link describing how to plugin OpenId4j to it: http://www-02.imixs.com/roller/ralphsjavablog/entry/openid_serverauthmodule_jsr_196_with But it's GlassFish oriented. I don't know how good it is with other Java EE App servers

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