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Is it possible to distribute Tomcat by Java Web Start and run it from there?

My application shall run within its own Tomcat server on the machine it is deployed on. Can I package Tomcat and the client application into one Java Web Start archive and run the Tomcat server and the client once the user has downloaded the Java Web Start archive?

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You cannot run a full blown Tomcat as it expects a certain layout in the filesystem and scripts and more.

You can however run an embedded web server in an application where you control it completely. I have done that with Jetty. You might find interesting.

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This might be possible if you signed all the jars correctly. But, it seems like this is quite a heavyweight solution. Have you considered doing this with Jetty?

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What does "sign the jars correctly" mean? Can you give some more detail? – tobiasbayer Aug 10 '10 at 7:40

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