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We have a exchangeserver configured to send the attachment of a email as fax if the the "to-address-field" is in the format [fax:user/company@faxnumber] (used internally). It works when I send manually from Outlook. But how can send an email with to-address as above using Smtpclient?

Is it possible to suppress the emailaddress validation? at the moment i get this error: "System.FormatException : The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address."

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I'm fairly sure that it's not possible. However, at least in .Net 4.0 (which is less restrictive than earlier versions), everything except the : is fine though. Maybe you could get the admins to change the SMTP server to support other characters than : after the string fax?

For example, maybe you could use fax= instead.

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Yes, the usual format is something like "" – Steven Sudit Aug 10 '10 at 7:43
It fails even with "=" instead of ":". Stacktrace: at System.Net.Mail.MailAddressParser.ReadCfwsAndThrowIfIncomplete(String data, Int32 index) at System.Net.Mail.MailAddressParser.ParseDomain(String data, Int32& index) at System.Net.Mail.MailAddressParser.ParseAddress(String data, Boolean expectMultipleAddresses, Int32& index) at System.Net.Mail.MailAddressParser.ParseMultipleAddresses(String data) at System.Net.Mail.MailAddressCollection.ParseValue(String addresses) – ThorHalvor Aug 10 '10 at 7:45
@ThorHalvor: Are you using .Net 4.0? Remember that it's less restrictive than earlier version (though I've only tried to create a MailMessage with a MailAddress that contains a =, I've not tried to actually send it so it might fall over at a later stage). – Hans Olsson Aug 10 '10 at 7:55
Yes i use 4.0. And yes, it failes in an later stage given in stacktrace above. currently im trying withoug []brackets and = instead of :... – ThorHalvor Aug 10 '10 at 8:34
@ThorHalvor: Didn't realise that the brackets were part of the address. Without that it seems ok with the = in .Net 4.0 for me. – Hans Olsson Aug 10 '10 at 8:55
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It is not possible through the SmtpClient. If fax=asdfasdf is wanted then going through interop.outlook.dll is needed.

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