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Well I've gotten myself in a pickle

I did the subversion 1 click setup and it worked great. However, in setting up my repository I accidentally committed a file that I shouldn't have. Rather than jumping through the hoops of purging a file I deleted the repository and recreated it using "svnadmin create" as recommended to me.

Now however I am recieving the notorious Expected format '3' of repository; found format '5' error when I try to either import to the repository, or just even browse to it.

When I tried to uninstall subversion so that I could re-run the 1 click setup the uninstall failed and the 1 click setup won't overwrite whats already there.

From googling, this seems to be like some sort of versioning error but I don't see how that can be the case since I only ever installed the one version.

Can anybody help?

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It would appear that the 'one click setup' is based on an ancient version of SVN, but somehow you've also got a more up-to-date version of svnadmin which has created a newer repository.

I can't help you with your failed install/uninstall, but when you finally get rid of all the detritus of the 1-click install, then I'd try again, using something more up-to-date.

Here is a more up-to-date version in a nice package:


And here is the same stuff in just a .ZIP file which contains all the bits you need:


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Will, I don't want anything to do with python or ruby or anything would I download wvn-win32-1.5.4.zip? –  George Mauer Dec 5 '08 at 18:37
I expect you've tried it by now anyway, but yes... –  Will Dean Dec 5 '08 at 21:56
Yup, this took forever to get working. What a pain... PS. The collabnet stuff didn't work for me at all. It didn't even add the SVN_ADMIN environmental variable. Probably I was just confused but I found it to be easeir just to do the install manually –  George Mauer Dec 10 '08 at 16:07

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