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Delphi contains many types in its decelerations Type Record

Type Instance

Type Class

They ether contain a layout of a structure, or a group of methods or a Class that contains both. DotNet contains many of these objects as unmanaged code just as you declare Delphi decelerations but they are accessed through DLL’s. 1/ The question is do you use TComObjectfactroy to access a deceleration in external DLL’s? Or do you use something else. I have no material to even read on the subject.

2/ I know you can get the object pointer (Class pointer) with a create method as it’s cleared with FreeAndNil as a pointer. How can you use create into a DLL containing a object.

3/ I have .Net ilasm.exe and ildasm.exe and a Delphi asm decompiler that I wish to find the main DLL in P/Invoke and place P/Invoke code into Delphi code.

But I have to understand Delphi objects in this way. Has any one read or seen anything that comes near to this subject? Until now I have not got subject matter correct that people can begin to understand me.

Juliano 117 gave me But thai is the Windows end!!!!!!! And not Delphi end.

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@lexdean: I know that you've heard this before, but stop creating new accounts for every question. Your credibility drops, and after a while the SO-user wouldn't bother to answer your questions... – Jørn E. Angeltveit Oct 3 '10 at 20:10

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For information about the Delphi object model and the memory layout of classes, I belive that this chapter in the book "Delphi in a Nutshell" can give you some good information:

Rudy Velthuis has also written an excellent article about this topic:

It is, however, not recommended to pass classes between a dll and exe.

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If you intend to combine managed .NET code and unmanaged native Delphi code in the same project, then you should have a look at RemObjects Hydra. This is a framework for generating plugins that will make this work a lot easier.

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