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Ok, here's the problem.

My goal is to run FF Portable, when Jetty starts. My start.bat looks like that:

@echo off
start /B start_jetty.bat 
start /B start_firefox.bat 


@echo off
cd jetty-7.1.6/
java -jar start.jar 


@echo off
ping -n 1 -w 6000


  1. How can i make start_firefox.bat to execute after jetty starts?
  2. DONE - How can i run both of those batch without any console?
  3. How can i stop jetty after firefox is closed?
  4. Is there any way i could make it cleaner and safer?

edit: /B as start command option eliminates additional console windows. edit2: trick in firefox start, now it waits for 6 seconds before it starts.

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For your first question, try this:

@echo off
  CALL start /B start_jetty.bat 
  CALL start /B start_firefox.bat 
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When i tried this code i got stuck in infinitive loop... – tzim Aug 11 '10 at 8:52
Well i wasn't infinitive ;) – tzim Aug 11 '10 at 9:03
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So my solution looks like that:


@echo off
REM is there java in system!
set KEY_NAME="HKLM\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment"
set VALUE_NAME=CurrentVersion
FOR /F "usebackq skip=4 tokens=3" %%A IN (`REG QUERY %KEY_NAME% /v %VALUE_NAME% 2^>nul`)    DO (
    set ValueValue=%%A

if defined ValueValue (
    goto java_ok
) else (
    goto java_not_ok

REM there's no java 
msg * "There is no java in your system!"

REM there is java
start /B start_jetty.bat 
start /B start_firefox.bat 


@echo off
cd jetty-7.1.6/
java -DSTOP.PORT=8087 -DSTOP.KEY=stopme  -jar start.jar


@echo off
ping -n 1 -w 6000
cd jetty-7.1.6/
java -DSTOP.PORT=8087 -DSTOP.KEY=stopme  -jar start.jar --stop

Yes i know that start firefox is actually start chrome, but!.

  1. FirefoxPortable wont start if there is another firefox in use.
  2. If i decide to set FFPortable to multiinstance, instructions in start_firefox.bat executes immediate after FFP is on. Not after it's close.
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But the console window opens when you start jetty? Your initial wish was just to run command without typing it into console window? – FrenkyB Jan 6 '14 at 5:34

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