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I have to do some JavaScript in the future, so it is time to update my toolbox. Right now I use Firefox with some addons:

I plan to use Venkman Javascript debugger as well as jsunit and js-lint.

For programming I'm stick with vim.

So what other tools do you use when developing JavaScript?

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I use both Firefox and IE for Web Development and a few add-ons in each:


Internet Explorer:

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I sometimes use Emacs with Steve Yegge's js2-mode, evaluating code with Rhino & John Resig's env.js to load jQuery or Prototype in my standalone scripts.

This allows me to explore javascript, jQuery, and Prototype outside of a browser.


var window;
window.location = 'index.html'; // Load the page 'index.html'

print($('aForm').id); // Play with the Dom in a standalone script!
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  • Firebug - Invaluable for debugging markup and code while testing ideas directly in the browser
  • Web Developer Toolbar - Just about any tool you can think of
  • Firecookie - Manage your cookies
  • YSlow - Suggests how to boost the download performance


  • Fiddler - A great HTTP proxy with debugging capabilities

Internet Explorer: - Web Developer Toolbar - Missing a few things but still very complete

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  1. Firebug on Firefox
  2. IE Web Developer toolbar on IE
  3. JS Lint
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A couple more::

  1. IE Explorer Toolbar
  2. Firefox Developer Toolbar
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Best way to debug JavaScript in Internet Explorer is to use Visual Web Developer Express.

If you like a cross browser logging solution check out Firebug Lite!

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