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i have to parallize some code and a fried of mine suggested using boost for it. Right now i have a look into openMP and i am wondering what you think is better for that task.

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you could also think of using raw pthreads. I think it strongly depends on your code, as usual. some googleing will help you out in finding out the differences. –  GorillaPatch Aug 10 '10 at 10:36
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it is up to you

I personally went with boost threads, because it found OpenMP to be very lacking once I needed more advanced features

for simple loops, OpenMP is fine, for more complex things, actual threads may be needed.

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up to now i really just need simple loops, and together with visual studio 2008 it is awesomely easy: added openmp language support in project settings, included <omp.h> added this two lines in front of my for loop (#pragma omp parallel shared(foo, bar) private(i) and #pragma omp for schedule(guided) ) and i am done... –  Dirk Aug 12 '10 at 10:46
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Also look at intel threading building blocks.

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what is the advantage of this? –  Dirk Aug 12 '10 at 10:42
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