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Is there a way to diff two arbitrary revisions in psvn? I'd like to have possibility to get diff/ediff for a file in the svn-status window.

I only found svn-file-show-svn-diff which shows diff between a working copy and HEAD

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For a diff, press C-u before = (M-x svn-file-show-svn-diff), and it will interactively prompt you for a revision. At this point put in the revisions you like to compare in arb1:arb2 form. Then the svn-diff buffer will show the changes between arb1 and arb2 revisions in diff unified form.

For an ediff, the above unfortunately does not work and I believe it is not possible with the current svn-file-show-svn-ediff function, it seems you need to be in the svn-log buffer and on a file path line to make it work. First get into the svn-log buffer by pressing l on the desired file in the svn-status buffer. Then, press C-u then E (M-x svn-log-ediff-specific-revision). Then specify your arb1 and arb2 revisions in arb1:arb2 form.

Edit: added svn-log-ediff-specific-revision, from revision 40434 (2009-11-09).

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In xemacs "C-u E" brought ediff session from svn-status without need to go to svn-log. –  Vitali Aug 12 '10 at 8:07
You can do arbitrary revisions ediff with psvn on xemacs? Nice. Which psvn is this? I was talking about in GNU emacs, where C-u E still doesn't not give you two arbitrary revision comparison on the psvn version 40434, only a comparison between HEAD and one arbitrary. –  piyo Aug 12 '10 at 10:33
My mistake. With C-u E psvn only allows to compare a working copy with an arbitrary revision. Not two arbitrary revisions –  Vitali Aug 12 '10 at 14:32

C-x v l then select the 2 versions you want to diff and hit d

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