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While I am trying to upload a registry in my registries using the C# code , the application is throwing the error "a required privilege is not held by the client". If I am using the same code on some other machine it is working fine but not particularly on my machine

I am using below mentioned code to upload the registry files

Process my_p = new Process(); 
my_p.StartInfo.FileName = "reg";
my_p.StartInfo.Arguments = "load HKLM\TEST C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\NTUSER.DAT";
System.IO.StreamReader srOutPut = my_p.StandardOutput; 
System.IO.StreamReader srError = my_p.StandardError;
results = srOutPut.ReadToEnd().Trim(); 
Errors = srError.ReadToEnd().Trim();

Moreover One thing I have noticed that the above code I am using in http based web site, but when I am using it in a File Syatem based web site it is working fine. Please help I am not getting the error.

Regards, Vikram

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You can load RegLoadKey function directly to load the hive as a subkey. Another API is RegLoadAppKey but it works only starting from Windows Vista. Different versions of Reg.exe use the API. How you can read in the description the RegLoadKey you need have SE_RESTORE_NAME and SE_BACKUP_NAME privileges and enable these (see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms717797.aspx). If you are in the Group of Administrators or Backup Operators you have these privileges. One more problem can be if Reg.exe use RegLoadKey function and you have a local administrative rights, but you start on Vista or Windows 7 a command without admin rights because of UAC (User Account Control).

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