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I added a get_absolute_url function to one of my models.

def get_absolute_url(self):
    return '/foo/bar'

The admin site picks it up and adds a "view on site" link to the detail page for that object (when I put a real URL there instead of "/foo/bar").

The problem is instead of going to http://localhost:8000/foo/bar, it goes to

What am I doing wrong?

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You have to change default site domain value.

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Thanks. It took me a while to figure out how to do that. It's an entry in the django_site table. I found and changed it by clicking on "Sites" in the admin. – Patrick McElhaney Dec 5 '08 at 20:12

The funniest thing is that "" appears in an obvious place. Yet, I was looking for in in an hour or so.

Just use your admin interface -> Sites -> ... there it is :)

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You can change this in /admin/sites if you have admin enabled.

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As others have mentioned, this is to do with the default sites framework.

If you're using South for database migrations (probably a good idea in general), you can use a data migration to avoid having to make this same database change everywhere you deploy your application, along the lines of

from south.v2 import DataMigration
from django.conf import settings

class Migration(DataMigration):

    def forwards(self, orm):
        Site = orm['sites.Site']
        site = Site.objects.get(id=settings.SITE_ID)
        site.domain = '' = 'yoursite'
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When you have edited a Site instance thought the admin, you need to restart your web server for the change to take effect. I guess this must mean that the database is only read when the web server first starts.

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