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I need to know how to generate this kind of hash. What dows it look like? What could be algorithm name that generated it?

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That value is base64 encoded. After decoding, it's exactly 16 bytes in length so it's most likely MD5. It is not SHA1 because the SHA1 hash value length would be 20 bytes.

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It could be anything > 16 bytes including SHA1 or any of the SHA2 algorithms, because a larger hash can be truncated for various reasons. I would guess MD5 too. – James K Polk Aug 11 '10 at 0:15

It looks like base-64 encoding. That takes binary bytes and converts each series of 3 bytes into 4 characters, where each character can be one of 64 different characters defined by the base-64 encoding. 64 = 6 bits. 6 bits * 4 characters = 24 bits. 24 bits / 8 bits/byte = 3 bytes. This looks like base 64 because it ends with "==". I think the "=" character is used to pad out the end of the input when the characters and bytes do not align.

Edit: Based on the length of the code, it looks like it's encoded 16 bytes worth of data (128 bits). It could be some kind of 128-bit hash or encryption key.

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You can use MD5 or SHA1, and then encoded the binary result into Base64, which is probably the encoding used in your example.

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Thankyou! That's it! base64_encode(md5($string, true)) – Silver Light Aug 10 '10 at 12:19

possibly MD5 or SHA but no one can be so sure about it !

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It looks like base64 encoding Check here and here

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