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I am developing an iPhone application in which I want to insert data into Web-server. some of my friends told me that JSON is best way to do this. Can anybody send me the link of any article/tutorial/blog which elaborate the use of JSON for inserting Date into remote database. I have found some tutorial but they are just showing to display data using JSON

Thanks in Advance.

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Inserting(or any of the CRUD operations) data in remote database is not iPhone specific. You normally uses web services to do that. Web services are often implemented using JSON as the data format but it's not a golden hammer, you still need the back end to support that. Before asking for a tutorial, you must know which back end you'd like to use or ask for suggestions(better yet, you could search on this site for suggestions). Then you could ask for tutorial on sending web service requests on iPhone. The question is too vague at the moment to get a good answer. –  Eric Fortin Aug 10 '10 at 12:37
This question sure shows up a lot, though, doesn't it? Maybe I'll write something up about the approach I'm currently taking on apps of this type. –  Dan Ray Aug 10 '10 at 13:12

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