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I'm quite new in iPhone development and I need to develop an app. I must get mp3 data from a web server, which provides a simple saving the mp3 in my app document or folder

and use it in an application, which should also dislpay a table with rows like:

song1 song2 song3

But at present I don't know at all how to get this web page, parse it and store into an array in the application. Please do you have any suggestion / hint / sample code ?

Thank you in advance,

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There is a tutorial on the apple developer site on how to make a http request and receive data here. Should get you going on how to fetch the web page.

For parsing you can use the NSScanner or a XML/HTML parser library like TouchXML depending on your needs.

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I used web services to communicate with web server, the following tutorial helped me a lot.

I was able to send and retrieve binary content using web service but I had to encode it first to be able to send it through Soap request and decode back Soap Response. Hope that can help you,

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