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I have a jar file that has a file named "client.ts" in (when viewing in ZipGenius) "/com/something/messaging". When I do

JarFile jarFile = new JarFile("Client.jar");
JarEntry zipFile = jarFile.getJarEntry("client.ts");

It can't find the "client.ts" file. If I package the file in "/resources/" instead it can find it. Does JarFile.getEntry() only drill down one directory? The javadoc for getJarEntry() simply says: Returns the ZipEntry for the given entry name or null if not found.

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The full path of the entry within the JAR should work:

JarEntry zipFile = jarFile.getJarEntry("com/something/messaging/client.ts");
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actually the string should be "com/something/messaging/client.ts" –  darrickc Dec 5 '08 at 20:11
Do you know why it works if it's just in the resources/ directory? Must be java just searches down one directory. –  darrickc Dec 5 '08 at 20:14
@darrickc.blogspot.com I was fuzzy on that bit. Glad you worked it out. –  sblundy Dec 5 '08 at 20:15
No idea why it works with resources/ –  sblundy Dec 5 '08 at 20:16
Zip (and hence jar) files don't actually have a notion of directories. It's just entry names with slashes. You can even have "/../" within names. –  Tom Hawtin - tackline Dec 6 '08 at 17:17

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