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I need to pass an associative array from Javascript to a C++ activex control in IE6+. It seems a shame to write my own type for something so standard. It doesn't have to work with native JS objects, I can use a custom associative array type if I need.

I've been googling for a couple days and there isn't a lot of information on this subject. COM and ATL have to have this already, don't they?

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This post by Eric Lippert may shed some light on how it could be done from C++. Take a look at his comments about a Javascript array being a Dispatch object. As such you could get the DISPIDs and call Invoke on each one. Another option is to convert the Javascript array to a SafeArray using VBArray (and a little VBScript), or you could just use the Scripting.Dictionary COM object, which is the equivalent of an associative array. A few resources are below.



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