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i have 2 sites (, Fisical is a 1 site with 1 db. When user sing in, he was sing in too. How do this?

P.S. Can do this with ZF?

I found a very interesting article on this topic. The author gives some ideas how to implement Multidomain authentication.

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Have you looked into OpenID? You could lock OpenID consumer "ex2" to allow logins only from your "" OpenID provider.

I am also digging the subject. Some time ago, I already did my own implementation and got it terribly wrong.

At the moment I am wondering whether to setup an own OpenID provider and locking consumer sites to accept only it. Another alternative would be yet another own implementation with a CAS style setup, where only a hash is passed via the browser, and the user verification is done server-to-server in the background using the hash as a disposable key.

I am not yet sure which one to pick or would some third alternative be better.

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You could take a look into something like Cosign enables you to create a single point of login for multiple sites. It's not specific to Zend but should work.

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