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I wish to transform a querystring using a regular expression replace in C#.

I have a number of defined querystring parameters (i.e. A, B and C).

I wish to transform something like this




Note that the first two parameters values for A and B are simply concatenated, but the part I'm having trouble with is changing the C=1 to true in the output.

Can this even be done? If the C=1 part isn't found, I don't want to output anything:




I don't think the order of A and B in the source querystring are ever in a different order, but could something be written to cope if B came before A?

I've been trying all sorts. Crucially, I'd love to know if this can be done, because if not, I'll have to do it another way.

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It's going to be simpler (and clearer) to use ordinary c# code, rather than regexes. –  Robert Harvey Aug 10 '10 at 15:03

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You might be better off not using a regular expression.
Try this:

            string urlString = "page.aspx?A=XXX&B=YYY&C=1";
            var builder = new System.UriBuilder(urlString);
            // the first character in Query will be a "?"
            string[] queries = builder.Query.Substring(1).Split('&');

At this point, you have each query item separated into its own string. You can use the built-in string methods on each element of the array (like queryies[0].StartsWith()) to identify which string is the "C" query string, and build your path as you need.

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Thanks a lot for your prompt reply JMarsch! I had thought that this was the route I'd be going down. I'd just wondered if I could create a single regular expression to do the job, as I could then put it in a config file and make the replacement 'generic' in the C# component. Thanks for your help. –  Shane Aug 10 '10 at 16:29

As Robert H mentions in the comments, you may get better mileage out of String.Replace() than you do with Regex. What I would do, though, with regex (if you really need it) is split them into three different statements so that you're calling
Regex.Replace(yourString, [patern for A=], "page/");
Regex.Replace(yourString, [patern for B=], "/");
Regex.Replace(yourString, [patern for C=], "true");

If you want to be really clear on what you're doing, call Regex.Match() for each pattern first to verify the pattern exists in your input. Then, if it's missing, you can just skip that replace.

Thus, this should work for you: Note: no error checking done, use "as-is" at own risk

string input = "A=xxx&B=yyy&C=1";
string input2 = "A=xxx&B=yyy";

if(Regex.Match(input, "A=").Success) input = Regex.Replace(input, "A=", "page/");
if(Regex.Match(input,@"\&B=").Success) input = Regex.Replace(input, @"\&B=", "/");
if(Regex.Match(input,@"\&C=1").Success) input = Regex.Replace(input, @"\&C=1", "/true");

if(Regex.Match(input2, "A=").Success) input2 = Regex.Replace(input2, "A=", "page/");
if(Regex.Match(input2,@"\&B=").Success) input2 = Regex.Replace(input2, @"\&B=", "/");
if(Regex.Match(input2,@"\&C=1").Success) input2 = Regex.Replace(input2, @"\&C=1", "/true");

Console.WriteLine(input); //Output = page/xxx/yyy/true
Console.WriteLine(input2); //Output = page/xxx/yyy
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That's quite interesting. As I said in my reply to JMarsch, I was hoping to put this stuff in a configuration file, and this seems like a possible way of doing things. Don't worry - I'll do things at my own risk ;) –  Shane Aug 10 '10 at 16:30

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