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Professionnal VHDL IDE ?

can anybody tell me IDE where i can write VHDL codes?

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Xilinx and Altera both have IDES available for free download.

At least as of a few years ago when I was using it regularly, the Xilinx software didn't handle updates well at all -- to the point that if you decide to use it, I'd recommend installing it in a virtual machine, and if you ever decide to update it, do a clean install into a fresh VM image.

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Your simulator software should have a primitive ID. Xilinx, Altera, Cadence, ModelSim all have primitive VHDL and Verilog IDEs.

Actually, most HDL developers I've worked with don't use the IDEs except for non-HDL related tasks like top-level schematic capture, routing, and analysis. On the teams I've worked on, Notepadd++ was popular, as well as Vi and Emacs. I never had a license for it, but one partner company used Visual SlickEdit for all of its editing. It seemed like a nice tool.

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We used Cadence when I was doing my EE undergrad. No complaints (which is rare for university-provided software).

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