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So I've done a little WCF in the most basic way I could come up with and even then found myself wrestling in the config a little before getting it to work. I love the simplicity of contract definition and implementation though once you get the config wrapped.

Given that could someone point me to some good online resources (not books, not going to spend the money or time) for covering some of this? I just watched a Hanselman MVC basics web vid and it did a great job of going over the core of putting an MVC site together in the course of an hour, things of that nature for WCF would be great.

Any good online tutorials, examples, etc, not necesarrily video, just mentioned it because some of you are probably familiar with what I'm referring to.

Also if there are any changes in .net 4.0 anything that bases on those being present would be good too so I don't see old ways of doing WCF things when there might now be better ones.

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There's a bunch of video resources for WCF - in addition to what has already been mentioned, those two episodes of DotNetRocks TV are my favorites:

Also, a great deal of the excellent Pluralsight screencasts with Aaron Skonnard are available on Channel 9 in the Endpoint.TV show catalog.

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Great short dense walkthroughs, thanks! –  Jimmy Hoffa Aug 10 '10 at 18:06

Check this question for nice videos: Where to find good WCF video tutorials?

And this for books and other resources: What are the best resources you’ve seen for learning WCF? (books, sites, etc.)

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Good source of online courses is pluralsight but it is not free. You can also find some useful videos on Microsoft'w channel 9

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