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I have a bunch of users I am adding to conference. They are contained both in a user's address book and on the Notes server/main company address book. Once I have the e-mail address of a user, is there a way to look up their user name?

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You can lookup the internet email address in the company Name and Addresss Book (NAB) database. I believe out-of-the-box, there is a view in the NAB named "Person / By Internet Email". From within a Notes agent, you can use formula language (use @DBLookup) or script (using notesView.getDocumentByKey). Or you can use COM to do the lookup.

In script, this would look something like:

dim s as new notesSession, db as notesDatabase, vw as notesView, doc as notesDocument
set db = s.getDatabase (YOUR_SERVER, "names.nsf")
set vw = db.getView ("People\By Internet Mail")
set doc = vw.getDocumentByKey (EMAIL_ADDRESS_VALUE, true)
if not (doc is nothing) then
    sName = doc.FullName(0)
end if
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People\By InternetMail is not a view that I can find. I'm doing this: Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim currentServer As New NotesName(s.CurrentDatabase.Server) Dim serverName As String serverName = currentServer.Common Set db = s.GetDatabase(serverName, "names.nsf") But that view doesn't return anything. – Corv1nus Aug 10 '10 at 21:37
$Users also has the internet email adress as a key, so you can use that. Since you're using ND8 you should also use the NotesDirectory class to perform name lookups. Get this via the NotesSession.GetDirectory method. – Kerr Aug 11 '10 at 10:50
When I do a getDocumentByKey with a valid address, like user @gmail.com, the $Users cannot find it. Additionally it returns empty on an FTSearch of an InternetAddress using the $Users view. I did the same with NotesDirectory, using the notesDir.LookupNames("$Users",EMAIL_ADDRESS, item, True) and got the same - empty. Is there another methond in NotesDirectory I should be using. – Corv1nus Aug 11 '10 at 19:08
Actually, I've gotten something working. Now the issue is that if you have a duplicate user name in the local address book and on the notes server, it always uses the local one. Accepting this because it got me going in the right direction. – Corv1nus Aug 11 '10 at 20:42
And finally, using the canonical name fixed it for me (instead of the common). Thanks for your help. :) – Corv1nus Aug 11 '10 at 21:20

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