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I am working on drawing anti-aliased lines in OpenGL-ES on iPhone. I am using an approach outlined in iPhone 3D Programming, called "Rendering Anti-Aliased Lines with Textures". The basis idea is to iterate through the line creating a bounding rectangle for each line segment (pair of vertices). This bounding rectangle can be represented by 6 triangles - and these can be filled with a texture. A texture (dot.png) comes with sample code, but I would like to experiment with other textures to see if I can get a more 3 dimensional affect.

So, I am wondering if there is a tool that would help me create these texture images. I have tried using Photoshop - but my skills there are rudimentary. I have seen "GIMP" mentioned, but I have no experience with it. I am guessing/hoping that there is some app out there that is designed for this purpose. Any pointers would be most welcome.


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to create some blurry circles you can try to generate some using imagemagick. Some examples are here for blurring and here for radial gradients: and

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Thanks, Pablo. I found another way (in Photoshop) as well - which I had meant to post already. Here is what you can do. - Create a document the size you need. - Use the Elliptical marquee tool while holding shift to make a perfect circle selection. - Select the gradient tool. - Open the gradient picker. - There are a series of stored gradients to select in the picker including ones that have an alpha value gradient. - Select radial gradient. - find the center of you selection, and drag the gradient tool from the middle to the edge of the selection. – westsider Sep 3 '10 at 15:35

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