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I have an sqlite database whose data I need to transfer over the network, the server needs to modify the data, and then I need to get the db back and either update my local version or overwrite it with the new db. How should I do this? My coworker at first wanted to scrap the db and just use an .ini file, but this is going to be data that we have to parse pretty frequently (it's a user defined schedule that can change at the user's will, as well as the server's). I said we should just transfer the entire .db as a binary file and let them do with it what they will and then take it back. Or is there a way in sqlite to dump the db to a .sql file like you can do in MySQL so we can transfer it as text?

Any other solutions? This is in python if it makes a difference

update: This is on an embedded platform running linux (I'm not sure what version/kernel or what OS commands we have except the basics that are obvious)

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Use the copy command in your OS. No reason to overthink this.

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+1 the data format is cross platform – Matt Williamson Aug 10 '10 at 17:37
This is on an embedded platform. It's linux (I'm somewhat new to embedded linux), but we have no idea what the server is running. – Falmarri Aug 10 '10 at 17:39

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