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I'd like to create a website creation tool that allows the user to publish their website on the web. I don't want to do the hosting side of it, so I'm looking for a web host that offers an API so that my app can programmatically create user accounts, upload files, etc.

Note that FTP isn't enough because I want the user to be able to do everything from within my app, including creating a new website. Also, I prefer to make simple HTTP requests-- just standard web API stuff.

What options are available?

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Is this 'website creation tool' a desktop application, or a web based application? Why is FTP out? Your application could certainly do the FTP'ing for the user. –  GrandmasterB Aug 10 '10 at 18:03

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I believe your question is off-topic as it's not related to programming. But Webfaction has such an API (though you'll automate the file upload through SFTP, surely.)

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