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I have:

  • Swf-file, that a) makes one of its method available to the outer world through ExternalInterface.addCallback; b) calls predefined outer world method through ExternalInterface.call;
  • html-page, where this Swf-file resides. There are two javascipt methods in this html: one for calling Swf-published-method and one for being called by swf;
  • Qt-app, that loads this html-page through QWebView->QWebPage.

When I load this html-page in FireFox everything works ok: Swf can be called from javascript and vice-versa. However within Qt-app only swf can call javascript method, but not vice-versa. Calling swf method fails with the following message printed on javascript console: "Error calling method on NPObject".

Any ideas how to make Qt-app behave like FireFox, i.e. to make it possible to call Swf from javascript? Any help will be appreciated,


  • Qt 4.6.2;
  • Kubuntu 10.04;
  • Swf was built with Flex 4;
  • Swf is local trusted.
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1 Answer

Fixed problem by myself.

The original code for loading html-page was like this:

QFile html(<theHtmlPageFileName>);



The rewritten variant:


In latter variant everything works fine.

Btw: Under Windows first variant works too.

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