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I've been looking at mobile development frameworks including Rhodes, Titanium, and PhoneGap. As a large part of the application we're developing will also be integrated on the web (a game), we'd love to re-use code so as to not reinvent the wheel. Is there a best way to accomplish this? Is there a framework out there with which you can develop for more than just smartphone devices? I thought I remembered seeing one, but can't for the live of me remember what it was.

Thanks, - Matt

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Looks like Titanium is fairly cross-platform and extends beyond mobile phone development:

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As I know, Titanium (Mobile) is currently supported for iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android and Blackberry platform using Javascript langauge. For Titanium Desktop version, you can write your apps for Window /Mac / Linux OS using Javascript / Ruby and Python language.

My company is using Titanium Mobile to develop app for Android / iPhone and I feel happy about Titanium. It's so easy to write app.

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Rhodes will perform builds for Win32 as well as all smartphones. There are some Rhodes developers who share code between Rhodes and Ruby and Rails to deliver a website as well. We would hope however that if there is a device that you wanted to target with the mobile website that you would build a NATIVE app with Rhodes versus a mobile website.

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