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Consider a project with 2 Areas.

/Areas/Blog /Areas/Dashboard

Now say that my Blog area has an editor for the type SpecialBlog. /Areas/Blog/Views/Blog/EditorTemplates/SpecialBlog.ascx

What if a view that is part of my Dashboard Area would like to display a special blog?

The following code works from Views inside the "Blog" Area but not from the "Dashboard" Area.

Html.EditorFor (model => model)  // model is type SpecialBlog

Even providing the path fails,

Html.EditorFor (model => model, "~/Areas/Blog/Views/Blog/EditorTemplates/SpecialBlog.ascx")

The one thing I can get working is

Html.RenderPartial (Model, "~/Areas/Blog/Views/Blog/EditorTemplates/SpecialBlog.ascx");

But any routing within the SpecialBlog then fails. (ie. it has its own Html.EditorFor calls to other editor templates in the Blog Area).

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

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Any progress with this? –  Marcus Feb 17 '11 at 9:55

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I believe that putting this in the Shared folder will work.

If you don't want to put in the main /shared folder, you could try setting up another path in your ViewEngine (add at Application_start, or derive from the one you're using) to something like /areas/shared folder (this means, creating the folder) for all the areas and putting the templates there.

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I had the same problem, I wanted to use the below


This is far from gospel but I don't think you can do this (In MVC 5). When I tried and debugged through it it ended up at the below.


i.e. it added EditorTemplates to the beginning.

It then looked through the usual places to find this, i.e. the View and the immediate Area's Views + the Editor Templates, because it doesn't start with '~' it won't check all locations, only the common View and the current Area (check in VirtualPathProviderViewEnginer::IsSpecificPath)

Also replacing '~' with '../' doesnt help, i.e. you can't do something like the below:


for the same reason

Even if this worked I wouldn't want to do it as then you'll be replying on a side effect which could break in a subsequent release

So, in summary I don't think you can at present, would be happy to be told otherwise as it seems like a limitation to me. I want multiple instances of the same View on a page, Editor Templates are the advised route for this but you can't use them between different areas

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