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I have a rails view with this html:

<body onload='<%= visual_effect(:appear, :main_counter, :duration=>3.0) %>'>  
  <div class="counter" id="main_counter">some content</div>

and a stylesheet:


The effect works as expected but when its done the div's text disappears, I am guessing the opacity is going back to 0. How can I make it stay with full opacity?

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The problem is that the appear effect removes the the opacity style from the element once it's done. the easiest solution is to remove the opacity: 0; from the stylesheet and put it directly on the div with style="opacity: 0". This is a little bit ugly, because of the inline style. Antoher solution would be to use the :from option in the visual_effect call like this:

visual_effect(:appear, :main_counter, :duration=>3.0, :from => 0)

This way the effect would first set the opacity to 0. However, if your pages takes a while to load, it could be that the div is visible until the on_load event gets fired.

I'm curious that I never stumbled upon that, It bugs me a little bit that I can not think of a "nice" solution.

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tried, worked fine. Thanks :) – Ido Weinstein Aug 12 '10 at 3:45

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