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In order to keep our software test procedures in line with our requirements documentation, I want to generate test procedures from smaller tests.

Basically I want each statement in a lower level requirements document to be linked to a very atomic series of steps to test that requirement for pass/fail. Each of these short descriptions of how to test some kind of functionality will be around 4-10 instructions on how to test this requirement in the running software.

When a tester wants to test the software, he picks a smattering of these smaller atomic pieces from a list and a test procedure is generated for him that tests those specific pieces of functionality. I would like the tool to be able to recognize certain incompatible tests, or tests that should be run together and advise the tester on how to build his test.

This way, when a requirement changes, you know that you have to change the single test chunk that goes along with this requirement, and all the tests that you do from then on are also updated accordingly.

My question is: Is there a tool that does this already, and if not, which tools would be the best way to create this system?

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